What’s new in Revit LT 2022

The latest release of Revit LT™ architectural software improves interoperability and productivity while delivering on many user-requested enhancements.

  • Screen showing PDF export setup in Revit LT

    Native PDF export

    Share files easily with export and batch export of Revit LT views and sheets to 2D PDF files with user-defined naming rules.

  • An exterior pavilion modeled in Revit LT on the left and Rhino on the right

    Interoperability improvements

    Connect form making to documentation with improved Revit interoperability with Rhino.

  • Revit LT properties dialog overlayed with three views of the interior and exterior surfaces of a sloped wall

    Tapered walls

    Model and modify wall profiles more quickly and with greater control for sloped and tapered walls.

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